Our Process

Tapasitos™ jalapenos are brought to our efficient and modern, HACCP-certified processing factory when they are at their peak of ripeness. After washing and inspecting each pepper individually, they are manually chopped and the seeds and vein (the source of the majority of the heat in a jalapeno) are meticulously removed by hand.

Our peppers are then washed once more, softly steamed, then brine-cured. When they’re finished, we rinse them then stuff them with a variety of fillings like cream cheese, cheddar cheese, or shrimp and cheese before hand-breading them.


Next, we flash-freeze each pepper one at a time, preserving all of the flavor and crunch that our customers have come to expect. Hence our slogan: Tapasitos™… “They Bite Just Right!”.

All of us at Caribbean Appetizers are committed to small–scale, family–owned and operated farming. People and the environment both benefit from this development. As a result, we are pleased to have formed a ground–breaking alliance of companies with trade unions and non–profit groups who work together to better the lives of workers who produce or grow consumer goods around the globe.

Jalapeño peppers are grown on a long-term contract with our farmers, ensuring consistent, lucrative rates. Rather than simply supporting larger farms, we believe it’s better to help a larger number of small–scale farmers as our business grows.
That’s because one of our company’s founding objectives is to create as many jobs as possible. As a result, we are able to provide our farmers with a better standard of living while delivering the greatest quality products at the most competitive prices.



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